Social Skills EP1

  • Silver Seat

    In my silver seat, I control my hands with my feet

  • My Kimono

    Put these yellow sunglasses on, and let me show you the meter, it's been ticking away in the gloom, looking at me I assume, in my midday costume...

All songs written and produced and played by Social Skills, Drums by Pete Williams, BVs by Ruby Taylor, recorded some time in 17/18, at His Pleasure Studio's, check out the Social Skills Youtube channel for videos.

5 songs, one about a flying silver commode, one about answering the door in a kimono, one about a 1920s art hoax (disumbrationism), one about Pando leaving his guitar on a train .... leading to an existential crisis (more than once), and one about an old rock n roller I know (who once moved with the stars). Here are the 1st two tunes, get the rest from bandcamp (click buy or use the link below).
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