Social Skills - 10 second time machine

An 18 Track double concept album, here is a taster. It is a time travel board game that you cannot win. But you can lose, and if you do you will be ejected half way through. The board represents a time machine. It is only capable of going 10 seconds forward or backwards, some of the time. It is a circular ship inhabited by various historical characters, who each occupy their own particular rooms. If you make the journey the whole way round you will emerge refreshed and at the same point you started from.

released February 17, 2016 : Social Skills - Writing, Production, Instruments and Vox: Pete Williams - Drums: Ruby Taylor - Vox and Cover Artwork: Pando - Vox: Eliza Jaye - Vox: Tim Cotterell - Fiddle: Pete Monk - Flugelhorn: Matt Ellis - Trumpet: Magda Taylor - Sax: Portable Dexter - Mouth Organ: Pete Jones - Speaking
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